Goodwill Experts S.A.

Goodwill Experts provides consulting services to individual and business clients at every stage of business and personal brand development. Their main task is to provide clients with expert solutions and supervise the quality of work performed.

Our work

Design and development of the GoodNet system - a platform for managing customer relations and expert infrastructure.


.NET 6
SQL Server
SQL Server
React 18


The objective was to build a system that would help customers systematize cases handled by Goodwill experts and facilitate contact between both parties.

Due to the complexity of the project, it was a challenge to provide the highest quality at every stage of the project - starting from collecting requirements and preparing the graphic design, ending with the maintenance phase.

Joint sessions with client

We started the project with a joint session with the client, during which we collected detailed requirements regarding functionality and graphic vision. Acceptance criteria and UI prototypes were written and submitted to the client for approval.

Graphic design

Visually, the project met expectations - it is based on the company's colors, and the number of components has been reduced so that the system is easy to use and accessible.


Each functionality was tested by the quality assurance team, and after each iteration we demonstrated the progress to the client.

Key features

Features that allowed the product to reach its goals.

Case management - ability to view, add and update data

Case update history, every change in the system is recorded and can be verified

Recurring (montly) cases support

Custom-made newsletter and blog

Extensive communication system (e-mail, intra-system notifications)

A partner like Digimuth is worth recommending, and the standards of his work, in my opinion, are much higher than the market average. In cooperation with Digimuth, I experienced not only professionalism in the field of IT solutions, but also flexibility of operation and an approach focused on the development of the client's business.
Grzegorz Bikowski
Goodwill Experts S.A.

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