01Product evaluation process supprort
Nestlé complies with the highest standard of food quality control. In cooperation with the branch in Kalisz, we were able to design and implement software supporting the product evaluation process. The application was developed using in C # and .NET Core technology, it integrates with the database running on Microsoft SQL Server engine.
02Client Requirements
The client already had a desktop application used during the testing process. However, the constantly improving process forced changes and resulted in need to extend app functionality.
To fulfill highest reliability standards, we migrated the database from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server. Previous client application written in WinForms technology has been replaced with a new WPF .NET Core application.
.NET Core
Entity Framework Core
SQL Server
Core module of the application assures data integrity. Our team implement various data validation algorithms. The structure of the schedule has been adapted to the process of collecting the results needed to evaluate the product quality.
04Documents generator
Reports generation is what that really saves the time of the team working with the application. Templates supplemented with processed data previously entered into the database are used to create the documents in format required by the food testing process. Application can create documents in .pdf format.
05Data migration from Access database
The decision to move to a relational SQL database and SQL Server engine was dictated by the need to ensure reliability and data integrity. One of the new requirements was need to work with several instances of the application simultaneously. Previously collected data was converted with custom migration scripts.
06Multi-Language support and internationalization
The app was developed with multi-site use in mind, therefore internationalization is included. Support for different language versions was planned at the very beginning of the software development.
07Excel files support
Process has relied so far has relied on Excel spreadsheets as part of the test specification preparation. In order to maintain compatibility and speed up the process, our app introduced .xslx import to process prepared Excel files and supplemented the database with the provided data.

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